Talk will detail history of the Quinnipiac people

The North Haven Trail Association invites members of the public to hear Jim Powers, an historian, archeologist, teacher and author, present a talk on the history of the Quinnipiac people, their interactions with Europeans, and their whereabouts today. The program will take place Saturday, Sept. 24, 10 a.m., at the North Haven Library.

Eight thousand years ago, the people who lived on the land along the shoreline and inland as far as North Haven were known as the Quinnipiacs, and the newly renovated North Haven Historical Society building stewards various artifacts attesting to their existence.

The Dutch, when they first encountered them, called them Quirepays or Quinnipiacs, after the name of the river, the Algonquin word for “long crooked river,” and specifically the tidal marsh in North Haven, where they spent the winter months. Today, names in town (Montowese, Shawmut, Mamomet and Samoset) derive from the role the Quinnipiac people played in North Haven history.

”Shadows Over Dawnland,” Powers’ book about the Quinnipiacs, is told through the eyes and voice of a Quinnipiac shaman. The NHTA will donate copies to all North Haven schools and the town’s public library as a fictional, but historically-based, testament to the Quinnipiac people.

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