Teenagers’ nonprofit benefits community

North Haven High School junior Alex Ranciato is determined to make a difference in his community.

Bullied as a youngster, Ranciato founded “More Than Likes” back in 2020, a non-profit run by young people, for the benefit of young people.

“It started after I experienced bullying/cyberbullying at my previous school,” Ranciato said.

“More Than Likes” aims to get teens away from their devices and out into the community taking part in service activities.

Ranciato wants to help teens see their worth, and that they’re far greater than the amount of likes their social media posts receive.

And Ranciato is not alone in this venture. His cousin, NHHS senior Mya Xeller, is his business partner.

Together, they seek to make a difference in their community, one step at a time.

“We are so consumed by our cellphones, and we get in this mindset of thinking that the clothes on our back, how many likes on social media and our friend group go so much deeper than that,” Xeller said. “When you log off, and you’re not so focused on your technology, and aware of what’s going on around you, you get involved and do good for your community, and you realize there is so much more to you than your social media.”

“More Than Likes” has done alot of good.

Last year the group raised more than $6,000 through donations and fundraisers. And this spring, it donated 2,750 diapers to the Diaper Bank of Connecticut.

Also, More Than Likes collected and donated 500 toys for children in foster homes.

“We were really happy that we could provide those families and those children with a couple of things for Christmas,” Xeller said. “This is something that we will always remember and know that we were able to make a big impact.”

To get involved with “More Than Likes,”visit morethanlikes.org.



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