NHHS distributes senior awards

Art Department

Department plaque: Zeena Mohamed

Excellence in Adobe Applications: Xander Lawless, Colin Scarpa

Excellence in Advanced Placement Photography: Zoey LoPresti

Excellence in Advanced Photography: Skylre Hine

Excellence in Digital Design: Jason Phan

Excellence in Drawing and Painting: Katerina Watkins, Juliana D’Angelo, Erin Malone

Excellence in Advanced Placement Studio Art: Luke Nugent, Anna Schepisi

Excellence in Ceramic Design: Christian Massaro

Excellence in Independent Study Clay Methods: Grace Finch, Noelle Carmody, Grace Maturo

Excellence in Animation: Spencer Cruzoni

Business Education Department

Department plaque: Alexander Bauman

Excellence in Advance Finance: Byan Parker, Alex Rodriguez

Excellence in Accounting: Aedan Bosticco

Excellence in Economics: Viana Pham

Excellence in Business Management: Christopher Tobin

Excellence in Marketing: Mya Xeller

Excellence in Business Law: Juliana Mascia, Omar Ibrahim

The Connecticut Society of Certified Public Accountants’ Outstanding High School Accounting Students: Makayla Greene, Alexander Bauman

Family and Consumer Science Department

Department plaque: Sydney Ferrigno

Excellence in Interior Design:Mya Xeller

Excellence in Sewing and Fashion Design: Jula Lynn Arcuri

Excellence in Child Development: Kathryn Vece

Excellence in Culinary Arts: Zoey LoPresti, Maxine Samperi

English Department

Department plaque: Genevieve Peters

Excellence in Analytical Writing: Meadow Carbone, Kyle Guo, Zeena Mohamed

Excellence in Analytical Reading: Riley Minns, Kieran Alexandro

Excellence in Memoir and Autobiography: Jason Chen

Excellence in Poetry:
Elizabeth Hansen

Excellence in Journalism: Regan Cunningham, Zeena Mohamed

Excellence in Drama: PJ August, Riley Minns

Excellence in Film: PJ August, Caley Neville

Service to English: Savannah Ciak

Achievement in English: Hannah Auddino

Mathematics Department

Department plaque:
Ty Rooney

Excellence in Calculus: Matthew O’Connell, Kyle Guo, Savannah Ciak, Anna Schepisi, Meadow Carbone

Outstanding Achievement in Computer Science: Anthony Lin, Viana Pham, Zeena Mohamed, Grace Kirby, Mubarak Oshomah

Outstanding Achievement in Statistics: Emma Aiken, Kieran Alexandro, Riley Minns, Domenico Sposito, PJ August

Music Department

Department plaque: Elizabeth Knapp

Excellence in Choral Music: Juliana Mascia, Zachary McCarthy

Excellence in Instrumental Music: Hannah Auddino, Kevin Rourke


Department plaque:
Alexys Signor

Excellence in Physical Education Facilitation: Michael Brandt, Noah Travers, Harrison Rainey

Excellence in Project Adventure Facilitator: Jake Hines, Anthony Cavaliere, Ty Rooney, Michael Anquillare, Matthew Dodge, Ada Forbes

Science Department

Department plaque:
Kyle Guo

Excellence in Science: Anna Schepisi

Excellence in Environmental Science: Matthew O’Connell

Excellence in Anatomy and Physiology: Zeena Mohamed

Excellence in Biology: Hannah Auddino

Excellence in Chemistry: Samuel Crowley

Excellence in Physics: Ryan DeVaux

Science NHS national award recipient: Hannah Auddino

Social Studies Department

Department plaque:
Kyle Guo

Excellence in Advanced Placement US History:
Hannah Auddino

Excellence in Advanced Placement Psychology: Daniyal Saleem

Excellence in Advanced Placement US Government: Andrew Cecarelli , Juliana Mascia

Excellence in Humanities: Zeena Mohamed, Savannah Ciak

Excellence in Urban Studies: Jenna Pine

Excellence in Conflicts through the Ages: Anthony Acampora

Excellence in Philosophy: Avi Patel, Bethany Snyder

Technology Education Department

Department plaque: Jake Thomas Hines

Excellence in Technological Problem Solving: Sarah McCullough

Excellence in Engineering: Savannah Ciak

Excellence in Construction Technology: Kieran Kelly

Excellence in Computer Aided Design: Ryan DeVaux

Excellence in Automotive Technology: Charles Senger

Excellence in Advanced Automotive Technology: Andrew Cecarelli

Excellence in Robotics: Kyle Borrelli

World Language Department

Department plaque: Morgan O’Brien

Excellence in French: Andrew Cecarelli, Ana Marcano Diaz, Bethany Snyder

Excellence in Italian: Hannah Auddino, Caley Neville, Savannah Ciak, Aedance Bosticco, Juliana DeAngelo, Gabriella DeLucia

Excellence in Latin: PJ August, Viana Pham, Ty Rooney

Excellence in Spanish: Kyle Guo, Riley Minns, Kieran Alexandro, Anna Schepisi, Sarthi Shah, Morgan O’Brien

Excellence in Chinese: Riley Minns, Anthony Lin


Nighthawks Service Awards: Rebecca Anastasio, Michael Anquillare, PJ August, Jacob Balga, Estelle Bessette, Christopher Coppola, Sebastian Derubeis, Umi El Mammann, Grace Finch, Grace Kirby, Anthony Lin, Ana Marcano Diaz, Grace Maturo, Zeena Mohamed, Caley Neville, Luke Nugent, Morgan O’Brien, Matthew O’Connell, Jason Phan, Jenna Pine, Kevin Rourke, Daniyal Saleem, Anna Schepisi.

The North Haven Education Association John Guido, Jr. Merit Scholarship for Future Educators Award: Alexys Signore

North Haven High School Principal’s Award: Hannah Auddino


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