Garden club: These are great perennials for the shade

Garden club: These are great perennials for the shade

As in almost everyone's yard, including mine, there are those places. It may be a garden on the north side of your home, that the sun just doesn't shine bright on for all that long. Or that mostly shaded area that’s wetter than everywhere else in your yard.

You have no idea what to plant there, so here are a few suggestions that just might solve your problem.

Bleeding Heart: This has an exquisite, inch-long, heart-shaped flower that dangles from arching stems. Blooms can be white or pink. Bleeding Heart will be right at home in a heavy-shade area in your garden.

Astible: With plumes of flowers in pink, lavender, red, white or salmon that rise above fern-like foliage, Astible is one of the most common perennials for shade; working well in borders or along paths. It’s also lovely in containers.

Hostas: These shade perennials are most known for their beautiful leaves. When they bloom they produce stalks of white or purple flowers. Hostas come in many shapes, textures and colors, ranging from cool blue-green to chartreuse. Some varieties are huge and will grow to be a couple of feet in diameter.

Hydrangea: This is one of the most popular shade perennials. Hydrangea likes light shade and produces big, round clusters of flowers in pink, blue and white. Blooms can be dinner-plate sized.

Lily of the Valley: This shade-loving perennial produces white bell-shaped flowers that smell so sweet. Lily of the Valley make great ground cover under trees, and spreads quickly.

Vinca: This is a popular ground cover with smooth leaves and purple flowers. It spreads by creeping on the ground and putting out roots as it goes. Vinca can very easily be transplanted.

Lentil Rose: Also known as hellebore, this is one of the loveliest perennial flowers for shade. It grows in clumps of dark green leaves and produces large, cup-shaped blooms in white, pink and rose-purple.

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