Decades-old bike is back in familiar surroundings 

As part of its Civic Beautification Program, North Haven Garden Club recently installed a purple painted bike at the Martha Culver House on Quinnipiac Avenue. The bike was donated by resident Janet Perrotti, who requested that it be displayed in the Montowese area of town, where she grew up.

Perrotti shared the following story with the garden club:

“My sister passed away last year at 69 and she always told me the bike was in the cellar. She never married and lived in the house we grew up in. Our father bought this bike for my sister, probably in the late 50s. I was little and my father took us for a ride on it, putting me on the back. My mom said I'd get my foot caught in the spokes. All the way, my dad kept telling me to keep my feet away from the wheel. Needless to say, I caught my foot in the spokes and let out a yell that my mother heard from our driveway. Eventually, I used this bike too. As a teenager, I was hired at the North Haven Library and worked at the Martha Culver Library on Quinnipiac Avenue after school. Sometimes, I'd ride my bike there … That would be a fun place to see it, as I pass it often since my son now lives in my sister's house."


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