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Garden Club unveils Scarecrow Contest winners

The North Haven Garden Club is happy to share the winners of its 2022 Scarecrow Contest. The grand prize went to Lesley and Audrey Borrelli's representation of AC/DC guitarist Angus Young.

The other winners, by category: Best Tots – Maisy Hayes, Hello Kitty; Best Tweens – Cameron Centone, football player; Best Teens – Clarissa Kumar, Cinderella; Best Family – Anthony Golia, Friendly Fred; Best Business – Feldman Orthodontics, The Sanderson Sisters; Best Traditional Scarecrow – St. Theresa Nursery School, Student Scarecrow in a Wagon; Scariest – Danny Paisano, Super Friends.

Again, this year we were lucky to have Diana Blythe from the North Haven High School Art Department judge the scarecrows.


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