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Cop, lawmaker discuss spike in crime during ride-along

NORTH HAVEN – Running unopposed in the 87th District, state Rep. Dave Yaccarino didn’t have to do much in the way of campaigning this fall. Still, the Republican lawmaker remained focused on the needs of North Haven, the community he has represented since 2010.

On Tuesday, Oct. 11, Yaccarino took part in a ride-along with North Haven Police Detective Paulius Laukaitis.

The two discussed many topics as they cruised through town.

Laukaitis pointed out that North Haven has experienced an uptick in car break-ins, and lamented that many such crimes go unreported.

The detective said the town has seen a rise in purse-snatching, as well, with older women being targeted.

Yaccarino, of course, is concerned about rising crime in the community. Along with his work as a legislator, he’s also a small business owner in town.

Yaccarino said his shop, DJ’s Cards & Comics, was broken into two years ago, leading him to install additional cameras and implement other security measures at the Lincoln Street business.

During the ride-along, Laukaitis indicated that, over the past year or so, respect for police authority has lessened. The detective said some drivers won’t even pull over when instructed to. “I think citizens are learning about what we are limited to do,” said the detective.

In 2020, the Connecticut State Legislature passed a police accountability bill, which Yaccarino voted against.

Soon after its passage, Yaccarino called the new law a “massive overreach.” He went on to say “changes to ‘Qualified Immunity’ would expose the good men and women who protect our communities to civil lawsuits, along with other unintended consequences on local municipalities and taxpayers.”

Yaccarino was reelected on Nov. 8, generating some 9,000 votes in the North Haven-only district. He said public safety will remain a top priority when he returns to the state capitol.



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