Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Valid criticism


I was recently accused of attacking women when I try to bring important issues of dishonesty and political treachery to the people of North Haven.

These were just words. I prefer to let my actions speak. So let’s check the record.

During my tenure as Democratic Town Committee Chair, we won the only election of First Selectman in half a century. This was under my guidance, and the candidate was female, qualified and victorious. I poured blood, sweat and tears into supporting this person and fighting to make sure we elected the first female First Selectman in North Haven’s history.

I am tremendously proud of this accomplishment and have aimed to support other worthy candidates in their good faith efforts to help move North Haven forward.

As a Fire Commissioner I pushed to have North Haven join a consortium that would enable us to hire females and people of various backgrounds that might not otherwise apply to positions in our fire department.

I will continue to work with anyone who is interested in a good faith effort to help North Haven, as opposed to self-serving aggrandizement. Calling me names is simply an attempt to deflect my valid criticism. Whatever you think of me personally, it should not stop you from being critical of people in positions of power.

Peter J. Criscuolo, Jr.

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