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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor




In her recent commentary, Lynda Szynkowicz claims that her organization’s “investigations” have uncovered numerous irregularities with Connecticut’s voter database. Those alleged irregularities are the basis for her arguing that mailing ballots to registered voters would result in tainted elections.

What she doesn’t provide is evidence that the use of absentee ballots has led to election fraud anywhere in the country. Also, Ms. Szynkowicz fails to mention the reason for Sec. of State Merrill’s proposal to send absentee ballot request forms to every registered voter in the first place. The country is in the midst of a pandemic. If Ms. Szynkowicz has her way, voters would have to choose between risking their health and casting their votes in the primaries — as they were forced to do this spring in Wisconsin — and November’s general election. The current president of the United States voted by mail in 2018, and again in March for Florida’s Republican primary (despite the fact that he was in that state when early voting took place). Why shouldn’t voters in Connecticut have the same option?

Niels Aaboe