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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Choose kindness


I am writing to enthusiastically encourage the people of North Haven to come out and vote for Jennifer Cecarelli for Board of Education on Nov. 5. I have had the pleasure of serving with Jennifer on the board for the past two years and I have gotten to know her for the professional, intelligent and hard-working person she is.

What has stuck with me the most is her unrelenting kindness. Whether she is creating a free library, volunteering her time to help refugees or going on a Random Acts of Kindness blitz, Jennifer is creating ripples of kindness wherever she goes.

Amanda Gabriele
North Haven

Important meeting


Attention Town of North Haven residents, especially those who live in Montowese. Please plan to attend an important Planning and Zoning Meeting on Monday, Oct. 7, 7 p.m., at the North Haven Library, 17 Elm St., in the Community Room.

On the agenda of particular interest is a Public Hearing to amend Section 4.4.2 and add Section and Section to permit residential apartments above first floor commercial buildings in CB-20 Zoning Districts along Quinnipiac Avenue and Middletown Avenue.

What does that mean and why should you care? The applicant is eyeing the parcel at the corner of Quinnipiac and Middletown, but this proposed amendment if approved would apply to an additional 35-40 parcels! 

They are proposing to allow residential apartments on second and third floors above commercial with one- and two-bedroom apartments. They are allowing just one parking space per bedroom. How many spouses/couples share one car?

They want to incorporate a shared parking concept. They are reducing the minimum lot area to 15,000, reducing the minimum front yard to 15 feet, reducing the minimum rear yard, also, to 15 feet and reducing the minimum side yard to five feet.

Their parcel isn’t near residential, but some of the other 35-40 parcels are. 

This has to be one of the most aggressive amendments ever proposed. Picture lined up like ducks, buildings three stories high with two stories of apartments, squeezed on 35-40 CB-20 parcels on Middletown Avenue and Quinnipiac Avenue.

Is this smart development – aggressively overdeveloping CB-20 parcels? The residents of the town will suffer. The New England charm in Montowese will be replaced with buildings three stories high, five feet apart on 35-40 parcels.

We have a say. Please attend the meeting and tell the PZC to vote no on the amendment.

Mary White