Letters to the Editor

Flawed process


The process in choosing a new mascot was as flawed as the process used by the North Haven Board of Education when it voted to get rid of our original Indian mascot. Where was the town-wide vote when the Board of Education – with their anti-Indian protesters – voted to get rid of the Indians mascot?

My family and friends will always call our athletic teams the Indians. How could we not when three-quarters of our town has been named in honor of the culture and heritage of the Native Americans who peacefully lived in North Haven for centuries?

This is the beginning of a liberal and socialist Board of Education agenda. Beware of what’s coming next!

Joan R. Mazurek

Selfless citizens


The North Haven Democratic Town Committee congratulates all of the Democrats elected to municipal office in the town election on Nov. 2. The following were elected to local boards and commissions: Sally Buemi (Board of Selectmen), Norm Juniewic and Nupur Garg (Board of Assessment), Marie Devlin (Board of Education), Michael Hallahan (Board of Finance), Joseph Cappucci (Board of Fire Commissioners), Alden Mead (Board of Police Commissioners), Theresa Ranciato-Viele and Roderick Williams (Planning and Zoning Commission alternate) and Joseph Villano (Zoning Board of Appeals).

We appreciate the hard work of the community members willing to serve as elected officials for local office. On behalf of the North Haven Democratic Party, we want to thank you for your time and willingness to fight for transparency and the courage to be the voice of the people.

For more information about the North Haven DTC, visit northhavendemocrats.org.

Jennie Caldwell
Town Committee chair



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