Student essay: It will take a global effort to heal the planet

Student essay: It will take a global effort to heal the planet

The North Haven Garden Club received two entries for an essay contest sponsored by the National Garden Club. The following essay is by North Haven High School junior Elizabeth Knapp.

Adapting to Protect Natural Habitats

Humans have come a long way since evolution. They first began living out in the wild like many species do today. Humans are the only ones to develop further and have many other abilities that these animals do not have such as walking solely on their hind legs.

Because of this gift of evolution, humans are able to do much more with their lives than just survive. They can do many things such as creating and building. Not all animals have the abilities that humans have, so it is their job to take care of these animals as they would take care of themselves.

The first matter that they need to handle, is adapting to the ways of preservation of natural habitats.

Many people do not understand what is truly happening to natural habitats of certain species due to deforestation. It is impacting approximately 80 percent of the species across the globe that call the forest their home. Also, about 15 billion trees are cut down each year, causing the total number of trees to decrease by 46 percent since the start of civilization, according to National Geographic.

Humanity does not tend to focus their energy and effort on solving a problem unless it involves them. What they don’t understand about this issue is that it majorly impacts them. Firstly, the deforestation was caused by humans and secondly the more trees that are cut down the more carbon dioxide that is brought into the air and the hotter the temperatures are.

Eventually, if nothing changes, it will be too hot for any food to be grown and it won’t be survivable on Earth for anyone and anything, including humans.

While these destructive actions have caused so much damage to the environment already, there is still a chance they could save everyone and everything, but it will take just about every human being. Doing even the smallest of things could help, such as planting a tree, providing a clean water supply for animals, and even making a garden. These are some fairly simple things that anybody who has the availability could do to preserve wildlife and their natural habitats, according to the Environmental Professionals Network.

Continuing to do some of these small tasks each day could make a huge difference for natural habitats and could cause them to get back to the fullness that they once were. On the other hand, some harmful actions that need to stop or should at least be slowed in order to preserve natural habitats are using non-eco friendly products for cleaning, throwing away paper and magazines, and taking too long of showers.

Some ways to prevent these actions are simply by using eco-friendly cleaning products, signing up for online emails and magazine alerts, and taking shorter showers, as using too much water causes problems with natural habitats as well, according to National Geographic. If one wanted to do more they could even learn more about different programs that deal with natural habitats of wildlife to get involved right away.

Natural habitats are best for the species that live within when they are untouched by humans. Humanity must adapt to meet these needs as everything harmful to the environment that they do to them comes right back to them. Adapting to the needs of these habitats is essential because they control everything and if humanity loses any more of these natural habitats, there may not be another chance for them to do something about it before the damage is irreversible.

All that is needed to save everyone and everything is fairly simple and, quite honestly, they are small actions that can make a huge difference if every single person becomes involved in this change.

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