Letters to the Editor

Vote no


After attending the budget meeting at the middle school, and a recent Board of Finance meeting, as well as watching budget workshops on NHTV, I decided to voice my opinion. 

North Haven has received $3.5 million this year and will receive another $3.5 million next year from the federal rescue program. This is in addition to the $4-plus-million this year, and the same next year, for the Board of Education.  I understand the restrictions for the use of these dollllars. And they will be used for programs that would have been paid for out of town taxes. 

Board of Finance member Nancy Barrett and Selectman Sally Buemi have suggested a number of reductions to departments that would not adversely affect public safety or town services.  I agree with some of these reductions, The Board of Finance did not agree with any. It should have investigated the need for the requests more deeply. 

First Selectman Michael Freda pushed for a no-increase mil rate. There is no doubt that some of the suggestions made by Nancy Barrett and Sally Buemi should have been used to reduce the mil rate.

I urge voters – especially seniors – to vote no on Tuesday, May 17. Our budget is too high and the tax rate is too high. 

Sherman Katz



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