Letter-writer says keep the mascot, get rid of the BOE

Letter-writer says keep the mascot, get rid of the BOE

Adding insultto injury


In the midst of this coronavirus pandemic that has spread throughout our entire world, killing hundreds of thousands of people, our North Haven Board of Education’s core mission, as stated on Facebook, is to get rid of our Indian mascot. Is that a joke? Their obligation as stated, is to reduce the racial, ethnic and economic isolation of our students.

We have resided in North Haven for over 40 years, raised two sons who graduated from the North Haven school system and never encountered any racial, ethnic or economic isolation. Likewise, our many friends and neighbors in town feel the same way.

This reeks of the political atmosphere that is spreading around our country. They tried already to banish our Indian mascot at a public meeting and failed. So now they want to use Zoom, which will eliminate most of the town people. This is just a sneaky, backdoor, underhanded way to do their dirty work. It should not be allowed by the administration! North Haven has a town meeting form of government.

This proposal should legally be brought before a public hearing, which all the town residents would be able to attend.

They should be ashamed of themselves. Right now our students’ and their families’ lives are being disrupted enough. They did not have a graduation ceremony, schools are shut down, many are financially hurting, and no one knows when this COVID-19 virus will end. For the board members to pull this at this time is a disgrace. They are adding insult to injury for the students, who love their Indian mascot.

My solution is to get rid of the entire board and keep the mascot.

Joan R. Mazurek 

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