Is That an Invasive Plant? 

Is That an Invasive Plant? 

There are many invasive plants creeping into Connecticut and choking out the native plants that have lived successfully for years in our state.

Do you know if that vine in your yard is mile-a-minute vine, or wild morning glory? Is the plant that spontaneously appeared in your garden a chrysanthemum, or could it be invasive mugwort that may grow as tall as 5 feet?

Is that vine with the red and gold berries that appear in the fall a good choice to use for your fall decorations? Or, are you risking the spread of a very aggressive plant that can strangle full-grown trees?

Eric Larson, coordinator of the Master Gardener Program for New Haven County, will present a program on “Connecticut’s Invasive Plants” at the Tuesday, July 23,  meeting of the Daytime Gardeners of North Haven. The program will begin at 11 a.m. at the North Haven Recreation Center, 7 Linsley St. This meeting is open to the public. Call 203-239-1557 to register.

Larson’s experience is extensive. He was supervisor of an arboretum and manager of a botanical garden for many years.

He has also served as an estate gardener, a historic property gardener and a small-time contracting gardener.

Concern about invasive plants (and insects) is taken seriously by The Federated Garden Clubs of CT, Inc. The new theme and project for the incoming president, Arlene Field, is Out with Invasives, In with Natives.

We can make a difference if we begin in our own yards and gardens by properly eradicating invasives, followed by proper planting of natives.

Learn about the invasives, how to identify them, and how to eliminate them, with Larson and the Daytime Gardeners. If you have a weed that may be a concern, bring a fresh sample to the meeting to learn more about it. It may be an invasive, or it may be a native plant that you can continue to grow and enjoy.

Daytime Gardeners of North Haven is a member of the Federated Garden Clubs of CT, Inc., New England Garden Clubs, Inc., and National Garden Clubs, Inc. New members are always welcome. For information, call 203-234-1781.