New painted bikes decorate town green

New painted bikes decorate town green

The North Haven Garden Club added two new painted bikes to decorate the North Haven town green.  

The Purple Planter bike was created by member Fran Notaro. The bike was donated a few years ago and was just redesigned.

The "Believe" Blue Beauty was created my Kristina DeNegre.

When an older bike is donated I always ask if there is a story behind the bike. This is the story of the "Believe" Blue Beauty and the family that donated the bike, Sue and Jim Funaro:

"I am so happy that the Garden Club was able to use my dad's old bike. I believe the bike is well over 40 years old. My dad's name was Edward Burch, he passed away in 2013. Although my dad did not grow up or ever live in North Haven he did work in North Haven for over 30 years. He worked at Pratt and Whitney in the Quality Control department. I remember going to Pratt's Christmas parties at North Haven High School. My dad, although not college educated, was a brilliant man.

“One of his ideas once saved Pratt and Whitney tons of money (I am not 100 percent certain but I believe it was like $1 million). My dad was also pretty artistic and very imaginative, he would have loved to see his old bike ‘recreated’ as the Garden Club does so well. You have no idea how much it will warm my heart to see his old bike on display. My husband Jim has lived in North Haven since he was 10 and I have lived here for over 35 years. I love North Haven and love the projects that the Garden Club does around town. Keep up the good work!"

Article and photos
by Cindy Golia

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