Garden club founder honored in North Haven

Garden club founder honored in North Haven

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NORTH HAVEN — When Lois Stover was one of just five members in the town’s garden club in 1954, she never expected that 64 years later she’d have a garden dedicated in her honor. 

“It feels amazing,” Stover, 93, said while sitting next to the garden just officially dedicated to her, the club’s founding member. 

Almost all of the North Haven Garden Club’s about 30 current members gathered on the historical society grounds Thursday, where their newest garden beautifies the side of the property off Broadway. 

“All the members have added perennials from their properties to put in (the garden) and we decided to dedicate it to our founding member,” said Cindy Golia, the club’s treasurer, publicity chair, and youth chair. 

The garden features two rose trees, red buds, coneflowers and an assortment of other plants chosen to stimulate pollination and bloom in varying seasons. It also holds a rock engraved with the dedication to Stover, a bird bath, and rocks for butterflies to rest upon. 

First Selectman Michael Freda joined some of the club’s life-members in singing the praises of Stover and her contributions to the town over the years. 

Stover’s “beauty, both on the outside and the inside, has now manifested itself into the beautification of the town of North Haven in so many different areas,” Freda said. “This ties in beautifully to what we're trying to accomplish in town, and that is to continue to beautify the town wherever we go.”

Gerri Giordano, an active club member for 42 years, said Stover has been a mentor to her, and to many of the club’s members, including the other eight life members  who have been active for more than four decades. 

“As far as horticulture, she’s the top person. You have a question on a plant, she knows it,” Giordano said.

Stover said the club first started when she and some other local women decided they had enough collective interest in gardening. Some other clubs existed nearby, but none in North Haven. 

From there, it just grew bigger, Stover said. 

Stover was first taught how to garden by her mother and has been gardening her whole life. She is also a life member of the State’s Federated Garden Club.
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