North Haven  PD utilizing ‘Live911’ technology

In a recent social media post, the North Haven Police Department said it is now "live-streaming 911 emergency calls directly to officers in the field in real time. Officers can now hear the caller’s actual words and voice providing the sense of urgency, small details, that may not be otherwise provided, and immediate updates on the situation and location. The officer not only hears the incoming emergency, but also the caller’s location is immediately identified on a map." 

This technology, developed by HigherGround, Inc., is called “Live911.” The NHPD said it is the first agency in Connecticut to implement this program.

"Live911 closes the 911-time gap between police call-taker to First Responders by allowing officers to immediately hear incoming 911 emergency calls in their geographical area. Live911 allows the officer to obtain more information for a better response plan and increased de-escalation skills providing better service to the community," the NHPD stated. "Additionally, a feature within Live911 called ‘Campus Alert’ notifies all officers, regardless of location, immediately if a 911 call occurs on a school campus. If there is an emergency on a school campus, time is critical, and Live911 provides officers those critical seconds that can save lives."

The website states: “When a call is urgent, and they are free to assist, officers can see the location of the caller on a map and move in the direction of the incident – giving them a head start and allowing them to develop a response plan while driving to a call. All the while, first responders are hearing the ... caller and the call taker, including answers to questions, first-hand descriptions, emotional tones and background noise on the scene. Live911 improves response times and increases situational awareness like never before.”


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