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New fire commissioner seated

The North Haven Democratic Town Committee unanimously endorsed, and the Board of Selectmen approved of, the nomination of Pat Brown to fill a vacant seat on the Board of Fire Commissioners.

“My goal is to assist the Fire Chief and the other commissioners to ensure the fire department has the safety gear and vehicles to protect the staff while they protect North Haven and the surrounding community,” said Brown.

The new commission member has 35-plus years of managing finances, preparing budgets with multiple funding sources, overseeing construction projects and negotiating contracts and services. Her experience includes serving in a variety of positions at City of Hope National Medical Center, UCLA Medical School, UCLA AIDS Institute and Yale University.

“Pat’s vast organizational experience and logical thinking will greatly benefit the Board of Fire Commissioners,” said North Haven DTC chair Jennie Caldwell, who also serves on the Board of Fire Commissioners.

The fire commission, an elected board of five members, each with a four-year term, has general management and supervision of the North Haven Fire Department. Commission meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of the month, 6 p.m., at Montowese Co. 2, 282 Quinnipiac Ave.


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