Montowese fire station: The end of an era

On Sunday, Jan. 29 the six remaining qualified volunteer firefighters from the Montowese station will be reassigned to the two volunteer fire stations within North Haven – West Ridge (1331 Ridge Road) and Northeast (366 Washington Ave.). 

Since 1932, the Montowese section of town has been proudly served by dedicated volunteer firefighters. At one time the Montowese fire station had a full roster of 35 active volunteer firefighters, with a waiting list. Generations of volunteer firefighters worked within the Montowese fire station responding with two engines, each with a capacity of six riding positions that would regularly be filled when called upon. 

Unfortunately, it has been 15 to 20 years since every seat has been filled, with a steady decline of volunteer firefighters since. Like the nation, our state and adjoining towns; volunteer firefighters are dwindling due to several reasons which is regularly reported by local news.

Due to the decline of available volunteers and increasing call volume, three career firefighters were assigned to this station, 24/7, in June 2022 to supplement the volunteers.

The Montowese section of town will continue to be well served with the immediate response of a paramedic staffed engine to all fire and medical emergencies requiring the fire department. The Town of North Haven will now rely even more so on the remaining volunteer firefighters within town due to the number of incidents occurring multiple times every day.  Last year alone, the North Haven Fire Department responded to more than 5,200 incidents, the busiest ever on record.     

The decision to reassign members of Montowese was requested by volunteer leadership based upon growing concerns over the inability to respond to fire incidents when dispatched.  The intent is that by reassigning members to other stations, the fire department can bolster the operability of the two remaining volunteer stations that each have 10 or less qualified firefighters remaining.  

The Town of North Haven thanks the Montowese volunteer firefighters and their families for 91 years of service to the community.


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