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Cicarella, Yaccarino see positives in state budget

North Haven lawmakers Paul Cicarella and Dave Yaccarino supported the $51.1 billion biennial state budget signed off on by Democratic governor Ned Lamont on Monday.

Sen. Cicarella and Rep. Yaccarino – both Republicans – indicated that while the 2024-2025 budget isn't perfect, it isn't bad either.

"This state budget addresses vital needs in our communities by adopting many of the initiatives my Republican colleagues and I proposed this session," Yaccarino stated. "I am proud to support this agreement and celebrate the investment that it makes in our teachers and education, our seniors through an easement on retirement income taxes, and a legitimate income tax cut for the middle class."

Cicarella, the deputy Republican leader in the Senate, echoed that, adding, “I am hopeful that this budget brings relief to the many taxpayers still struggling from soaring inflation. I’ll continue to advocate for further discipline when it comes to government spending, so that more meaningful tax relief is possible.”

The state budget appropriates $25.1 billion in fiscal year 2024 and $26 billion in fiscal year 2025. This reflects a spending increase of $919 million in fiscal year 2024 (a 3.8% increase) and $885 million (a 3.5% increase) in 2025.

The budget includes funding for education and nonprofits. It appropriates $150 million in additional education funding in FY 2025 and moves the full funding by FY 2026.

Nonprofits receive an additional $103 million each year.

The biennial state budget passed the Senate with a vote of 35-1, and the House 139-12.

Both chambers are controlled by Democrats.


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