Bikers rally to stop animal abuse

With the sun beating down, North Haven-based Bikers Against Animal Cruelty’s annual fundraising rally took place Saturday, July 29 at Town Center Park in Hamden. The  gathering included food trucks, vendors, bands, pet adoptions, and more.  Despite the oppressive heat, “we got through it and together we raised funds that will help victims of animal cruelty, and that is the reason we are here,” the BAAC stated in a social media post. “Thank you so much for your generosity and support,” the BAAC added.

Bikers Against Animal Cruelty is a nonprofit which advocates against animal cruelty and neglect, promotes responsible pet ownership and helps provide the cost of emergency care for ownerless victims of animal cruelty and neglect. “Our efforts are concentrated on domestic ownerless pets who, through no fault of their own, became victims at the hands of awful humans,” the BAAC said. “Pets that have been beaten, stabbed, burned, starved, tortured, kicked, tossed out of cars, left to die, and so many more awful acts. Pets that have been betrayed by the one person they trusted with their life.”

Over the years, BAAC has helped hundreds of shelters with building repairs and provided them with food, blankets and cleaning supplies. The group also has helped members of the community provide food for their pets and funding so they can get their pet spayed and/or neutered.



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