Golf Cove opens on State Street

Golf Cove, 336 State St., held a ribbon cutting grand opening on Monday, Nov. 8.

Golf Cove maintains an atmosphere to capture not only the avid golfer, but people of all ages and skill levels to improve their golf game or enjoy a few hours of entertainment. A mural of the Golden Bell (12th hole at Augusta National Golf Course), a putting green and televisions broadcasting golf and other sports will welcome you as you arrive and provide the unique experience other local competitors cannot. There are six individual rooms available to play up to 18 holes on several of the most well-known golf courses around the world. These individual rooms allow for a group of up to four people, and each has a bar table, stools, four leather chairs and side tables.

Golfing is not required, as patrons are welcome to just come in to enjoy the lounge, including a fully stocked bar, an excellent variety of food, high top tables and leather chairs to emulate an actual golf course clubhouse.

For more information, call 203-710-1294 or visit

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