Thieves going after catalytic converters

Cheshire police responded to four locations throughout town on Monday for reports of catalytic converters being stolen. Two of the incidents took place at school parking lots. The other two happened at commercial lots.

Meanwhile, in late December, catalytic converters were stolen from around a dozen school buses in Southington.

North Haven police have seen an increase in catalytic converter thefts as well.

The reason? Catalytic converters, an exhaust emission control device, contain precious metals, such as platinum and rhodium, and can be sold for $50 to $1,500.

“The best way to prevent catalytic converter theft is to park your vehicle in a garage. This is not always possible, so if you must park outside it is best to park in well-lit areas,” the North Haven PD wrote in a Jan. 23 Facebook post.

“If you are using public parking, park as close to the front of a building entrance or nearby access road as you can. These areas are more visible and have higher pedestrian traffic, which can often deter would-be thieves,” the post continues.

Also, the North Haven PD suggests changing car alarm settings “to go off when vibrations are sensed,” and purchasing security cameras.

When it comes to additional security measures, the North Haven PD mentioned the products Cat Clamps and Cat Straps: “These devices work well and are likely cheaper than having to replace a whole converter.”

Other tips shared by the North Haven PD include engraving your VIN or license plate number into the catalytic converter, and painting the part.

“This may deter thieves from your vehicle by making your converter harder to scrap. Also, this can alert reputable scrap dealers it is stolen and make it easier to identify you as the owner,” the social media post states.


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