LETTER: Gabriele for BOE

LETTER: Gabriele for BOE


The right choice


I am writing this letter in support of the nomination of Amanda Gabriele for a second term to the North Haven Board of Education.

Having been in and around the world of education, as an educator and then, a Board of Education member, there are two essential questions I ask as I prepare to cast my ballot: Does the candidate have the passion for this work?; and, Will the candidate use their voice to always benefit the students?

These questions are easier to answer when returning a candidate to office. Amanda is completing her six-year term, a term that is completely volunteer and time-consuming. Having served on the board with her for four years and having continued to watch televised board meetings, I am thoroughly confident that I am able to answer both questions with a resounding yes.

Amanda’s passion is shown in both word and deed. She has been involved in various subcommittees and is often seen participating in a variety of school and community events.

According to the Connecticut General Assembly, the duty of the board is to provide (1) adequate instructional books, supplies, materials, equipment, staffing, facilities and technology; (2) equitable allocation of resources among its schools; (3) proper maintenance of facilities. In other words, prepare and implement a yearly budget.

Amanda’s background in finance gives her a wonderful and thorough grasp of the multimillion dollar education budget. She questions budget items and speaks about complex matters in a way that is understandable to the average person.

I encourage the DTC to nominate Amanda Gabriele to a second term, for the sake of North Haven’s children.

Dot Logan