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Plainville church introduces Blessing Box

The Congregational Church of Plainville, UCC introduces their newest mission ... The Blessing Box! This box will be filled with non-perishable foods and placed on the front lawn for community members to take what they need when they need it.

Research has shown that many people don’t have access to the resources offered by their local food pantry. For some, it is a lack of transportation, while for others it is the restricted hours or the stigma around utilizing these services.

The Blessing Box will give the community an additional, safe option.  

As their mission, the children of the Congregational Church of Plainville will fill the Blessing Box and take inventory. This truly is a church-wide mission. 

God has taught us the importance of breaking bread and sharing a meal together. Join the children as we share a meal with the community.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Church Office at 860-747-1901 or churchoffice@uccplainville.org.


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