‘Munsters’ actor makes timely appearance at Plainville museum

PLAINVILLE – Just in time for Halloween, one of the stars of Rob Zombie’s “The Munsters” paid a visit to The Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum, located at 103 E Main St.. The special guest, Daniel Roebuck, plays the role of The Count – Grandpa Munster – in Zombie’s 2022 film, which is based on the classic TV show of the same name.

Roebuck toured The Witch's Dungeon and mingled with the public during his publicized visit to the museum. He and Cortlandt Hull, who owns The Witch's Dungeon, have known eachother since the 90s.

“I just love this place, and coming here,” said Roebuck, who has had a lifelong fascination with the horror genre. 

Hull said the actor has always been very supportive of the museum, even including the spooky Plainville business in his documentary “Halloween, The Happy Haunting of America.”

As for getting the chance to play the iconic character Granda Munster, Roebuck said, “It’s a dream come true for any monster kid. And it’s happened.”



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