Republicans hold on to council in Plainville, Dems take control of school board

Republicans hold on to council in Plainville, Dems take control of school board

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PLAINVILLE — Republicans maintained control of the Town Council, while Democrats won a sizable majority on the Board of Education in Tuesday’s municipal elections.

Katherine Pugliese, who received the most votes among Republican council candidates, believes voters responded to the party’s efforts to contain expenses.

“I think the voters approve of the financial plan,” she said. “We have always been fiscally conservative....”

Republicans won four seats on the council, to the Democrats’ three seats. The overall top two vote-getters were Democrats Jesse Gnazzo, with 1,973 votes, and Christopher Wazorko, who received 1,868. Pugliese had 1,831 votes, followed by Democrat Rosemary Morante and Republicans Deborah Tompkins, David Underwood and Ty Cox.

“I'm really not a guy with a political agenda — I'm here to serve and the people of Plainville reacted to that,” Gnazzo said.

Gnazzo added that six of the seven incoming councilors are incumbents and have experience working with each other and reaching compromises.

“I think we work pretty well across the council. We might have a different plan to get there, but we really are trying to do the best for Plainville,” he said.

Democrats take control of BOE

Democrats secured a 6 to 3 majority on the Board of Education.

Incumbent Democrats Foster White and Crystal St. Lawrence were re-elected alongside newcomers Rebecca Martinez and Brent Davenport, who fills a two-year seat on the board. They join sitting Democrats Becky Tyrrell and Kathy Wells, and sitting Republican Nicole Palmiere.

Republicans Deborah Hardy and Laurie Peterson were also re-elected.

Democrats Kathleen Michalik, Ben Gediman, Shelley Johnson and Cheryl Castonguay were elected as constables, as well as Republicans Ross Zettergren, Rick Drezek and Ezio Capozzi Jr. Of the eight candidates running for the seven constable positions, only Republican candidate Cassandra Clark was not selected by voters.

Democrat Kenneth Laska and Republican Francis Rexford Cooley ran unopposed for the two open seats on the Library Board of Trustees.
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