Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Vote theendorsed slate


Please join me in supporting and voting for our endorsed Republican slate for Town Council: Kathy Pugliese, Deborah Tompkins, Ty Cox, David Underwood and Jacob Rocco; and for Board of Education: Rebecca Childress Buchanan at our Republican Primary on Tuesday, Sept. 10, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Voting Row A in this primary will support the loyal, trusted and very talented team of hard-working residents who will keep Plainville a great place to live, work and enjoy our families and lives.

Gayle Dennehy Carrier
Plainville Republican Town Committee Chair

Vote Row A


I would like to remind all Republican voters that there will be a primary vote on Tuesday, Sept. 10. Candidates are seeking Town Council and Board of Education seats.

The Republican Town Committee held a vote to endorse candidates and came up with the candidates who really are the only choice to properly represent all the citizens and their financial interests as taxpayers.

Since this primary will cost the taxpayers approximately $6,000, how about if we get our money's worth and have a huge turnout for this important vote. I urge all voters to vote the candidates on Row A.

John Kisluk

Eager to give back


My name is Rachel Buchanan and I am the endorsed Republican candidate for the Board of Education. You might remember me as Rachel Childress. I grew up in Plainville and had the privilege of going to school here.

We have something special and unique in Plainville. Our school sizes make it, so our kids get to know everyone. I have watched generation after generation of Plainville kids form lifelong friendships with their classmates.

I am running for the Board of Education because, it is my turn to give back to the community and school system that provided me with such great opportunities.

My experience in corporate training and development have prepared me to work on complex projects, research information and find solutions to presented problems.

I love being part of a team and promise to keep a laser focus on what’s best for Plainville students.

My goal is to continue the great work of the Plainville Republicans and ensure that we meet the needs of local students (for generations to come), in a fiscally responsible manner.

Please vote for me in the Tuesday, Sept. 10 primary.  

Rachel (Childress) Buchanan
Candidate for BOE