Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Vote no


It's time to vote on the town budgets, and, as usual, they want to increase our taxes again, as if there is some rule or law that demands it. This year, the increase is about 2.5 percent.

They tell us these are bare bones budgets with no room to cut. But even some teachers think our small high school doesn't need three principals. And school systems used to function well without assistant superintendents.

Over $1 million will go toward tutors this year.

"Bare bones?"

The town manager thinks that because our tax increases have been a little less than the inflation rate, that we are doing well.

That's not how taxation works. For instance: if I pay $2,000 in taxes on a $100,000 home and the value of that home appreciates in value to $150,000, then I would pay $3,000 without a mill rate increase.

Tax revenues would increase while tax rates remained constant. To have the mill rate follow the inflation rate would essentially be a kind of double taxation.

Do they ever consider the taxpayers at all? What will be the consequences of higher taxation?  Will Plainville become a less desirable place to move to or run a business from? If you want to sell your property, will higher taxes force you to lower your asking price? If you are a renter, will your landlord eat the tax increase or will he raise your rent?

On top of the town's desired tax increases, the same state legislators who have bankrupted Connecticut are now considering every conceivable way to extract more money from us.  Meanwhile, tens of thousands flee the state for places where they can better afford to live.

Now is not the time to increase our taxes. Please go to the firehouse on Tuesday, April 30 and vote no to higher taxes.

David Spencer

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