LePage ‘deeply grateful’ for his 13 years in town

The following letter from Plainville’s superintendent of schools, Steven LePage, was sent to families in April:

It is with mixed emotions that I send this message to inform you that I will be leaving Plainville Community Schools at the end of this year. I shared this news with our Board of Education last night during the executive session that followed the regular board meeting.

I am deeply grateful for my last 13 years in Plainville, and gave my all to each of the roles I served as principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent during these last four tumultuous years in education.

I truly thought I would be remaining in Plainville for my entire career.

However, I have been given an opportunity for a change that I believe will be in my best interests, and the best interests of my family.

I did my best to lead Plainville Schools in a way that put others’ needs, especially students’, at the forefront of all decisions. So, making a decision like this for personal reasons was difficult for me.

Given that I am completing my 27th year as a teacher and school/district leader in June, I believe the time is right for this transition.

I have been considering the impacts of this profession on my life and my ability to maintain balance between home and work.

During the last four years as superintendent in Plainville, I have sometimes lost that important balance.

I also lost very close members of my family while navigating the incredible difficulties of pandemic leadership.

This has caused me to reflect on my life, and consider the kind of person and leader I want to be, while also being a better husband and father.

My years in Plainville have certainly had what some may consider more than their fair share of challenges to navigate, and I've done my best to carefully and thoughtfully lead our district through those times. Fortunately, there have also been many high points, successes and accomplishments that have brought me great pride in our schools.

I am really proud of our district, and grateful for the last 13 years in this special community.

We have a dedicated team of colleagues, wonderfully supportive families, and absolutely amazing students who I will truly miss.

We have accomplished many outstanding achievements despite adversity, and I know Plainville’s future will be bright, as you move beyond the shadows of the pandemic, and the setbacks it has caused.

Beginning in July, I will have the opportunity to lead Northwestern Regional School District No. 7, which serves students in grades 7-12 from the towns of Barkhamsted, Colebrook, New Hartford and Norfolk. My office will be located in the heart of the school, so I will be able to increase daily student interaction and involvement.

Anyone who knows me understands that being around students is where I am happiest.

Admittedly, dealing with political challenges is one of the less enjoyable parts of my job, so I look forward to focusing more of my attention and effort on doing what is best for the students, staff and families, and less time on political demands.

It will be a very busy last eight weeks of the year, filled with many events and ceremonies.

During my remaining time in Plainville, I will be working closely with our Board of Education toward a smooth leadership transition.

It is going to be very difficult to say goodbye to this Plainville family in June, and I want to thank every member of this community for being an important part of my leadership and life journey.

I wish each of you and Plainville Community Schools all the very best in the future, and I truly believe the future in Plainville will be incredibly bright.

You are poised for accelerated greatness, a renaissance to follow the darker age of pandemic education, and I look forward to following Plainville’s growth and achievements over the coming years.


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