Plainville mom has been helping PARC for over 30 years

PLAINVILLE — One in four adults in the United States lives with a disability, but not all have access to the resources they need. 

PARC began in 1957 with a group of parents who had children with disabilities. At that time, a lack of resources prompted parents to develop a system where they could help one another.

Located at 28 East Maple St., PARC started as a support group for parents who were often told to place their children in institutions. It is now a place for parents to share stories, conduct research and share daily challenges.

A glance at the non-profit’s calendar shows life skills training, swimming, a paint night, a science night, and bowling.

Some of the other services PARC offers include basic consumer skills and cooking classes. 

Peggy Romine has been a member of PARC’s board of directors since her son David was a child and first started in PARC programs over 30 years ago.

“David started going to PARC when he was three years, and he’s 41 now. He was going to their summer camp,” Romine said. “This was a good way to get kids on a schedule when there was no school.”

Peggy Romine said that it was also an excellent way to keep kids connected. 

Her position on the board involves finances and scheduling. Many other board members also have children who attend PARC programs. 

David Romine has autistic tendencies but is not labeled as such, his mother said.  

“David likes people to be in his world and doesn’t necessarily care if he’s in your world,” she said.

Public education can present challenges for parents with children who have a disability. The law states that a child cannot be in public schools past 21 years of age. This makes it difficult for parents to decide where to send their child to next.

Since PARC is in their hometown, the choice was easy, as David was already involved with their programs. He goes there a couple of times a week and to another program on the other days.

PARC Executive Director Erica Donovan said Peggy Romine is a terrific resource for the organization.

To learn more about PARC, visit or call 860-747-0316.



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