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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


A true advocate


Foster White is seeking re-election to the Board of Education and I am writing to express my opinion that he is exactly what is needed to keep Plainville schools moving in the right direction.

Over the last seven years, Foster used his financial background to provide thoughtful input on the school budgets, and clearly understands the value of money spent for education, not just the dollar amount.

While I am no longer a resident, I wanted to write and thank Foster for everything he has done for the students and citizens of Plainville.

Please support Foster on Nov. 5.

Sarah Provost

Vote for White


As life-long conservatives, we would like to endorse and support our father, Foster White, a Democrat running for the Plainville Board of Education. Our father is currently completing his seventh year on the board and is seeking reelection.

During his tenure, he has been committed to ensuring that the school district will provide rigorous and enriching experiences that prepare each student for success in a changing global society. He believes that the focus of the Board of Education must continue to be on students, teaching and learning.

A vote for Foster White is a vote for continued educational success for Plainville students.

Scott F. White
Carlsbad, Calif.

Ian S. White
Keo, AR