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Letters to the Editor

The clear choice


I enthusiastically support Democrat Rebecca Martinez for State Representative in the 22nd District, which includes Plainville and parts of Southington and Farmington. She epitomizes community leadership and dedication.   

Rebecca knows the issues, and especially so in healthcare and education. Her nursing experience and Board of Education work will be invaluable. She also brings people together to accomplish goals.

I first met Rebecca when she successfully led efforts leading to the Wheeler School renovations. Her tenacity was unequaled then and her leadership has only grown further. She’s the clear choice for State Representative.

Rosemary Morante, Plainville

Elect Martinez


As a resident of Plainville for over 65 years and as one who has been involved in my community through various institutions/groups, I support Rebecca Martinez for State Representative for the 22nd district.

Rebecca works diligently on the Board of Education, and her 22 years in healthcare gives her unique insight into that system. She will bring that experience to the state legislature. As a working wife and mother, Rebecca understands the financial issues facing families and will bring that experience to Hartford, as well.

Please support Rebecca for State Representative.

Michael Verrett, Plainville


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