Plainville BOE approves 700K capital spending plan

Plainville BOE approves 700K capital spending plan

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PLAINVILLE — The Board of Education approved a nearly $700,000 capital spending plan as district administrators fine tune an overall budget proposal.

The plan was unanimously approved during the Dec. 16 board meeting, though members noted it still requires evaluation by Town Manager Robert Lee and faces possible alterations by the Town Council.

The money is nearly equally split between facility and technology upgrades and maintenance, including repairing the peeling canopy on the ceiling outside the main office at the high school, landscaping improvements at Linden Street School and expanding the Maker Space program.

Superintendent of Schools Steven LePage said one of his highest priorities is the construction of a secure entrance for Plainville High School. The architectural design work is nearly complete and estimates for the cost of construction are just over $70,000.

A significant portion of the plan is taken up by the replacement of Chromebooks for students and laptops for teachers at a cost of $263,000.

Director of Business and Operations Sam Adlerstein said equipping students with computers is an important part of how the district educates children.

"It's really intertwined now into our curriculum. So these are things really — if we want to continue our curriculum the way we've designed it — we have to make these investments," he said.
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