Plainville Town Council reappoints officers

Plainville Town Council reappoints officers

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PLAINVILLE — The Town Council unanimously reappointed Katherine Pugliese to be its chairperson during an organizational meeting a week after the municipal election.

Deborah Tompkins, who was also unanimously named vice-chairperson, said she nominated Pugliese after finding her to be fair and impartial during the council’s deliberations. Both positions are served for one year terms, after which the council will hold another meeting around November 2020 to consider designating new officers.

“I think Kathy does a great job of chairing. It's not easy being up there and being the brunt of everything and maintaining a good business atmosphere,” Tompkins said.

Pugliese said she works to keep the council’s meetings proceeding in an orderly fashion and, having worked with the members of the council in the past, she believes this session will be productive. 

One issue she intends to push the council to address in the next year is the state of the town’s sidewalks, an issue she heard from voters and saw herself while canvassing the town. “Some of them are pretty old and require attention,” she said.

Tompkins described Pugliese as being adept calling relevant parties to speak before the council and questioning them to obtain the information needed to inform the council before a vote is held, particularly during discussions of water quality and on the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail. When discussing such issues, Tompkins said Pugliese keeps the conversation grounded on the impact projects would have on local taxpayers.

“She's very, very aware of how hard it is for people to make ends meet and she's always looking for ways to make sure we’re not overspending and we get the best bang for our buck,” she said.

The council also reappointed Michael Mastrianni to be the town’s attorney and Jacob Rocco as the town’s treasurer, both of which serve for 2-year terms.

Councilor Jesse Gnazzo, a Democrat, said he felt that since the voters chose to maintain a Republican majority on the council, his four counterparts across the isle should be allowed to choose the council’s leadership.

“They felt good about her party being in control so I have to respect their decision,” he said of voters. “ … you don’t need to be the chair or the vice chair to serve the people.”
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