Census officials urge Plainville to form count committee

Census officials urge Plainville to form count committee

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PLAINVILLE — Two U.S. Census Bureau officials stressed the importance of making sure every resident of the town is counted during a presentation to the Town Council last week.

Catherine Marx, who gave the presentation with fellow Census official Mark Plumley, urged the council to consider creating a  committee to work with the Census Bureau to increase the response rate in town for the 2020 Census. She said that in one Plainville’s four Census tracts, located in the south-western corner, 20 percent of residents don’t fill out the census form.

Since that area has a high rate of renter occupied housing, she suggested that a local committee could contact landlords.

"So if I were working with you to do the Plainville Complete Count Committee, one of the things I might say is ... 'do we have an organization of the landlords there, so we can get them involved,'" she said.

After the presentation, Town Manager Robert Lee said he will seek out potential members for a committee and provide a list to the council for its July meeting.

For the first time respondents will be able to fill out the census form online. Plumley stressed the bureau is prohibited from sharing census information with any other government agency.

Census forms will be mailed to every household. Marx estimated the Census Bureau will also hire between 9,000 and 10,000 enumerators to go door-to-door with forms in hand to help people fill them out.

"Those enumerators cost a lot of money to send out to the households, so we are making it as easy as possible for people to self-respond to the census," she said.

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