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First responders cook up chili for a cause

PLAINVILLE – It was a heated battle, but in the end, the fire department prevailed in a chili cook-off with the police department. This inaugural contest between Plainville first responders drew a sell-out crowd of taste-testers to the VFW hall on March 19.

A fundraiser for the Plainville Food Pantry, the cook-off pulled in $2,755.

“I think the turnout was awesome,” George Davey Jr. of the Plainville Fire Department said, pointing out that “between 150 and 175 people” attended.

Police officer Shane Dufresne helped organize the cook-off, which is expected to return in 2024.

“The VFW donated the hall, and we received several donated raffle items from Plainville and Southington businesses,” Dufresne said. “We hope to make this an annual event.”

While the Plainville PD, represented by six chili cooks, collected several awards, the seven-member fire department contingent earned most of the big ones: best overall, most spicy and most unique.

Michael Schneider, with the fire department team, claimed the best overall award for his chili, and his name will be featured in the top spot on a cook-off plaque which organizers hope will fill up over the years.



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