Student award-winners ‘embody the best of PHS’

Student award-winners ‘embody the best of PHS’

Plainville High School students Kaylie Hall and Luis Arango are recipients of the first semester “Students Rock Award” recognizing their outstanding contributions to Plainville High School.

In seeking a way to honor students who “do the right thing every day,” the Plainville High School Mentoring Committee, comprised of high school faculty members and led by fellow faculty member Maria Colangelo, created the Students Rock Award during the 2009-10 school year.

According to the nomination guidelines created by the committee, to be considered for the award, students must assume responsibility for their behavior, contribute to the school and community, and appreciate the benefits of a physically, emotionally and socially healthy lifestyle.

Plainville High School faculty and staff members nominate students and vote to determine those selected for the award.

“Kaylie and Luis are so deserving of this award which recognizes students who ‘do the right thing’ every day. As seniors, they leave PHS a better place because of their mere presence. We can’t wait to see where life takes them; they are sure to make a positive difference in the world,” Colangelo said.

Hall, Arango and their families were honored on Dec. 18 at a high school faculty meeting, where faculty members Brian Edge and Sandi Dowsett read staff comments about the winners and presented them with their awards.

“This award, which is chosen by the faculty of PHS, is one of the highest honors as a student that you can receive here, in my opinion. These two students embody the best of PHS and are representative of so many of the incredible young people at our high school,” said Plainville High School Principal Carl Johnson.

Superintendent of Schools Steven LePage stated, “Our society needs more models of citizenship and positive character. This recognition serves to reinforce the qualities that result in those ends, and I commend our high school staff and leadership for continuing to highlight and reinforce such important traits in deserving students.”

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