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PHS hosts Learning Adventure Day

Plainville High School students participated in a "Learning Adventure Day" on Oct. 7, a concept designed to provide unique learning experiences that allow students to exercise the school district's Portrait of the Graduate skills (Communicative, Collaborative, Innovative, Mindful and Resilient).

Ninth grade students spent the day as a group working on team-building and collaborative skills with Empower Leadership, while sophomores, juniors and seniors were able to select from a wide variety of activities based on interest. The sessions ranged from full-day experiences to several two-hour programs. Sessions included a construction/remodel project of the PHS athletic ticket booth, a UConn campus tour, a tour of Trumpf Inc., a hike at Sleepy Giant, a hands-on experience with the National Guard, and more.  

The goal of the next Learning Adventure Day, on Dec. 16, will focus on college/career exploration. As such, Plainville High is seeking local professionals, businesses and organizations to visit the school to talk about their career/career field, and/or to host a group of students at their place of business. For more information, contact Jen DeLorenzo at delorenzoj@plainvilleschools.org or 860-793-3220.


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