Former cop named director of security for Plainville Schools 

Former Plainville Police Department Support Services Sergeant Richard Marques has been named Director of Safety and Security for Plainville Community Schools. He was selected through an extensive search and screening process conducted by a comprehensive committee that included Superintendent of Schools Steven LePage, Plainville Chief of Police Chris Vanghele, and several school district administrators.

“It is an honor to continue to serve our community in this new role. I understand the responsibilities of this position and I’m ready to go to work,” Marques said. “I have been collaborating efforts between the school district and police department for almost a decade. We have a very solid foundation in regards to our district security as well as a very engaged group of people to help build upon that foundation.” 

Marques brings a wealth of experience to the newly-created Director of Safety and Security position, having served in law enforcement for more than 27 years. Additionally, he has had specialized training in the instruction of personnel and implementation of department policy, and has worked in conjunction with Plainville Community Schools personnel to assess school security measures, and design, modify and apply enhancements to the overall safety of the school district.

In his role as Support Services Sergeant, Marques partnered with school district administration and personnel to enhance school security and implement emergency response training (ALICE). Also, he served as the liaison between the police department and the school district concerning safety and security, and planned and executed district emergency management drills. Also, he assisted in updating district hazards plans, and served as the point of contact for physical security assessments.

Marques holds a bachelor of arts degree from the University of New Haven and a master’s in Law Enforcement Administration from Central Connecticut State University. Also, he has completed a wide variety of professional development courses, trainings and certifications.

Marques is a member of the National Tactical Officers’ Association, the Police Association of Plainville and the American Sniper Association.

“Security and safety are our first priority, and a foundational need for all human beings in order to activate higher order thinking and learning,” Superintendent LePage stated. “If basic needs of safety are not being met, it is very difficult to focus on learning, skill acquisition, relationship development, and other higher order skills and opportunities that align with our district vision and values.”

“Sergeant Marques is the perfect individual to support and lead our ongoing organizational safety and security upgrades,” LePage added. “With this addition of a Director of School Safety and Security, we will ensure that all of our schools remain as safe and protected from potential threats as they can possibly be.”


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