Young author’s debut bends fantasy genre in new ways 

Young author’s debut bends fantasy genre in new ways 

Author Spencer Steeves has a vivid imagination and a unique way of looking at the world. But the Plainville native, just 20 years old, says he never imagined he would be a published author before becoming a college graduate. 

Steeves, who says his imagination always ran wild growing up, puts that trait to good use in his new book, “Everything Under the Sun.” Published by Covenant Books, in North Carolina, the novel immerses readers into a medieval magic world following two women battling for their kingdoms and ultimately their fate.

As a longtime fan of fantasy, Steeves says his book creates a “controversial world build” relying heavily on the characters’ thoughts as opposed to the world around them. 

“For me fantasy has always been a sense of escapism, a way to see a different world,” he said, adding, “Everything I’ve done up to this point has worked out and it feels really nice.” 

He remembers coming up with the idea for “Everything Under the Sun” in his high school video game design class his senior year. Planning to create a board game at the time, all he had was a couple of characters and a name for the world they’d live in — Sun’s Reach. 

A few months later, he found himself with free time between classes at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, so he went to the computer lab and just started to write. 

In a month he had his first draft for “Everything Under the Sun.”

“I write when the inspiration comes to me, and my story kernels are generally fabricated out of thin air and bounced around until they are smooth, much like sediment in a stream. In that regard, I am similar to George R.R. Martin, the genius behind Game of Thrones,” Steeves said.

The young author honed much of his storytelling abilities while playing Dungeons and Dragons. An avid player for almost three years, adventuring into new worlds with elves, warlocks and druids helped him develop ideas. 

“You get to explore a different side of yourself,” Steeves said. “In my opinion, it is one of the ultimate creative experiences.” 

Steeves is currently at the University of Connecticut studying natural resources and hopes to become a park ranger in the future.

“I want to help protect nature. It’s probably the one thing I care the most about,” he said.  

His love for nature seeps into his writing. Tidbits he learned in class about the desert, for example, show up in “Everything Under the Sun,” as a portion of the story takes place in the world’s driest biome. 

As he works on the sequel “Sunrise, Sunfall,” he says readers can look forward to other natural environments. In his next novel, his favorite biome, the forest, will play a role. 

“Everything Under the Sun” is available in bookstores and online at Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and the Apple Itunes Store. 



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