Trump tops Biden in Plainville

Trump tops Biden in Plainville

As Election Day ground on into “election week,” it became increasingly clear that Democrat Joe Biden would oust President Donald Trump from the White House. Late-counted ballots in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia continued to keep Biden in the lead and offered him multiple paths to victory.

The questions, rather, were these — where he would win, when it would happen and by how much. On Saturday, Biden captured the presidency when The Associated Press declared him the victor in his native Pennsylvania at 11:25 a.m. EST.

That got Biden the state’s 20 electoral votes, which pushed him over the 270 electoral-vote threshold needed to prevail.

In Connecticut, the vote for Biden over Trump never was in doubt. The Associated Press called the state for the former vice-president shortly after the polls closed, and the unpopularity of Trump in Connecticut helped Democrats increase their sizable majorities in the General Assembly on Election Day as close to 80% of the state’s 2.3 million voters cast ballots at the polls or by absentee.

While Trump lost Connecticut by 20 percentage points, the Republican president bested Biden in Plainville and other nearby towns.

Trump took Plainville 49.87 to 48.41 percent, Berlin 51.95 to 46.76 and Southington 50.43 to 48.11. However, right next door in New Britain, Trump was handed a 66.6 to 32 defeat. And in Bristol, Biden won 51.89 to 46.42.

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