Meeting held to discuss marijuana

The Plainville Town Council held a special meeting Aug. 16 for the purpose of discussing the new reality of legalized marijuana.

According to the meeting minutes, Town Manager Robert Lee pointed out that Connecticut’s recent marijuana legislation created a committee to license both growing and dispensary operations, and that applications likely won't be received until the end of this year or early 2022. Lee said licensing decisions are expected to be made as early as next spring.

The town manager said Plainville is considered one of the towns that qualifies for some advantages for having a dispensary or a growing facility since the town has “a couple of census tracts” that are considered low or moderate income.

Lee told the council Town Planner Garrett Daigle will review Plainville’s zoning regulations as they relate to medical marijuana and what adjustments would need to be made to open the door to recreational marijuana.

Speaking at the meeting, Daigle said existing zoning rules regulate medical marijuana growing in production facilities by a special exception.

He said state statute changes the license types from just producer and dispensary to nine licensing types for recreational marijuana. They are: cultivator, micro cultivator, retailer, hybrid retailer, product manufacturer, food and beverage manufacturer, product packager, delivery service, and transporter.

The Town Planner’s recommendation is to amend the current zoning regulation to include the sale of recreational marijuana. He said based on Plainville’s current population, the town would be allowed one dispensary until 2024.

Also in attendance at the special meeting was Youth Services Director Roberta Brown, who summarized the effects of marijuana on youths and young adults.

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