Letters to the Editor

(The deadline for Letters to the Editor concerning the upcoming election has passed.)

Reelect Morante


I proudly endorse Democrat Rosemary Morante for reelection to the Town Council.

A dedicated resident, Rosemary wants to see Plainville make progress in many areas. She recognizes the role of a strong education system that helps maintain property values for all. She also advocates for strong senior citizen programs.

Rosemary always gets back to people when they contact her, and she listens to concerns. When I ask her questions about town government, I get informative responses that clarify and explain the issues.

Re-electing Rosemary Morante to the Town Council is a choice to be proud of!

Christine Gawrys

Strong record


I strongly endorse Quinn Wazorko Christopher for Town Council. Quinn established a strong record during her time on the council, and is excited to run again.

A PHS graduate with a BA from CCSU and masters from SCSU, Quinn is co-president of the Plainville Chamber of Commerce, president of the South Canal Street Industrial Association and owner of Plainville-based M&T Enterprises. This experience will be critical to her primary focus on the council — development of small businesses.

Quinn also serves on the Park and Recreation board, and prior to her husband's death, taught at Wheeler Clinic.

With Quinn's previous council experience and knowledge of Plainville's business community, I enthusiastically support her election. 

Susan Dumais

Selfless citizen


I would like to express my endorsement of Ben Gediman, candidate for Plainville Town Council.

Three words come to mind when thinking of Ben — integrity, reliability, community.

A long-time resident of Plainville, Ben has selflessly dedicated hours upon hours of his time for our town. Even before I was formally introduced to Ben, about five years ago, while doing volunteer work, I was familiar with his involvement in town events, committees and schools.

His pragmatic approach allows for open, honest and factual dialogue, optimized solutions and quality outcomes. I trust that with his leadership we’ll see our town flourish.

Erika Graff

Fresh ideas


Please join me in giving Democratic Party candidate Quinn Wazorko-Christopher your full support for Town Council. It is evident in her current leadership role as chair of the Plainville Chamber and owner of a Plainville-based business that she is dedicated to our town and determined to see local businesses prosper. Highly-motivated and energetic, she will bring fresh, beneficial ideas to the forefront. I am certain she will work tirelessly for Plainville citizens and businesses.

Blaire Bouchard

Quinn’s ready


It’s vital that we vote our values, which is why I whole-heartedly endorse Quinn Wazorko-Christopher for Plainville Town Council. Quinn is an effective advocate for sensible government, quality education and economic development. Her experience volunteering in the community, past and present, is invaluable. She can hit the ground running on Day 1 and understands how local government works. I especially appreciate Quinn’s thoughtful leadership. She seeks out new ideas and different perspectives, weighs the alternatives, considers possible outcomes and develops reasonable positions. She’s approachable and engaged, and genuinely committed to governing well. Please vote for Quinn Wazorko-Christopher.

John-David Scarritt



I have known Rosemary Morante for a long time and am very pleased to support her re-election to a fourth term. She is a serious, hard-working member of the Plainville Town Council who will always put the town first. She is dedicated to making Plainville a great place to live. I have also found that Rosemary is very well-informed when discussing local matters and very helpful in answering questions and clarifying points about town issues. Rosemary Morante is a dedicated public servant who certainly deserves another term on the Town Council.

Tony Tarascio 

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