Meet the goats at Bradley Mountain Farm in Southington

SOUTHINGTON — Not even old enough to have a name yet, the newest goat in Bradley Mountain Farm’s flock bleated out a welcome to the crowds at the farm’s open house this weekend.

“We got to meet the little baby goats, that was incredible,” said Christie Boehringer, of Plainville, who came with her daughter Luna, 2.

Although Boehringer lives just minutes away from the farm, Sunday was her first time visiting. Seeing her daughter cradling the week old kid and making goat milk soap made her want to return.

“I want to come back for goat yoga,” she said. “I think it’s going to be a biweekly visit.”

“I think the goats are characters,” said farm owner Anneliese Dadras. Throughout the year they’re dressed up for pajama parties, marched around town in parades and festivals and bask in attention at the farm, where visitors can walk into their pen and feed them. The weekly open houses also feature soap making, walking tours, goat therapy and yoga classes among the goats.

Volunteers from the farm’s 4-H club also present the work they do, helping train animals and learning to take care of them.

This week’s presenter, Ella Shamus-Udicious, 15, showed off her knowledge of the various breeds of dairy goats and said she hopes the open houses teach the public about animals.

“A lot of people don’t get to experience farm life,” she said. “I’ve learned so much already and I think it’s such a great experience for kids to have.”

“The open house is what prompted us to come here,” said first time visitor Jess Clancy after making goat soap with her sister, Ally Sirois.

After farm volunteer Kayleigh Moses added some soap base to a bowl, the two sisters picked their favorites fragrances from dozens of options. With cups of the scents dumped in, they picked out some dyes for color, which Moses swirled together by hand.

“I love how many choices there are,” Clancy said. “It’s customizable so you can really put your own touch on it.”

“I’m excited to use it,” Sirois said. “It smells like my favorite soap.”


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