Christmas trees, a Plantsville volunteer fire department tradition

SOUTHINGTON — With the passage of Thanksgiving and the holiday season in full swing, Engine Co. 2 kicked off the winter by opening up its annual Christmas tree sale on Friday.

The yearly event run out of the Plantsville volunteer fire department on West Main Street brings an abundance of Maine-grown pine trees to central Connecticut with proceeds heading directly to the community.

Once tree sales are complete for the season, the department tends to utilize its newly acquired funds for a variety of purposes, including community aid. Firefighter Ryan Bleau said the engine company allocates the cash to a handful of charitable causes in the area, including some of its own assistance programs.

“It’s one of our company fundraisers,” Bleau said. “We use a lot of it for donations. Every month, one of our members goes and drops food off at the food bank. We also have a scholarship fund.”

Bleau added that the fire department imported a high volume of trees this year, but has already made a substantial number of sales, which are only expected to spike.

“We had 600 trees this morning, they’ve been selling like crazy,” Bleau said Friday. “It’s out biggest fundraiser of the year.”

Among those in the hunt for a Christmas tree were Tyler and Jordan Cyr, both of whom arrived in the early evening with family.

The Cyrs said they have lived in Southington their whole lives, but opted to stop by the fire department for the first time this year out of a desire to support a local organization and find what they considered the most reasonably priced Christmas trees.

“We know they get these trees nice and wrapped up,” Tyler Cyr said. “We’ve always heard good things about it. I feel like, being in town, we wanted to support the fire department and stay local,”

“It’s the cheapest on around too,” Jordan Cyr added. 

The Plantsville fire department Christmas tree sale will operate on a first come, first serve basis, Bleau said.

Sales will continue from Friday until the department’s inventory is out of stock.


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