Visitors ‘cuddle’ with the goats at Bradley Farm in Southington

SOUTHINGTON — Bradley Mountain Farm visitors can choose from a variety of activities this summer, including soap making and goat cuddling.

Goat Cuddle Instructor Terri Battaglia herded the goats Saturday for a session.

Participants sat on the grass in a fenced in section of the farm to pet the goats and a few chickens that also wandered over.

“This is Goat Cuddle Therapy but sometimes we cuddle with our chickens,” Battaglia said.

Naugatuck Resident Alexandra Silva said she was originally planning to attend a goat yoga class, but when she found there were none offered on Saturday she opted for cuddle therapy.

Middletown Resident Mark Clow sat with his family during the cuddle session and took photos.

Clow’s youngest daughter — Sydney — found out about the class and encouraged the family to visit the farm.

“(Sydney) somehow found it online and just super wanted to do it,” Clow said. “It’s great.”

Farm Owner Anneliese Dadras said the farm also has a Goat Academy, which teaches participants how to herd, milk, clean and take care of goats. The academy is available throughout the year and open to all ages.

Instructor Karen Perry was teaching a group in the soap making workshop.

Participants used a variety of natural ingredients and fragrances to make and design their own soap.

Perry helped to stir batches of soap mix throughout the lesson. Each participant made about four pounds of soap to take home.

“Bring your family, bring your friends. Young, old, doesn’t matter,” Perry said. “It’s such a fun time.”



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