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9 must-see spooky, Halloween home displays in central Connecticut 

As Halloween draws near, residents in the area are getting into the season with elaborate displays. The Facebook group J&E Hauntings tracks a lot of the area displays so people can plan out a drive to look at the deocrations. Here’s are 9 must-see displays in the area from their list.

579 Prospect St., Southington

The admins of J&E Haunting really got into the Halloween spirit, creating a fully decked-out cemetery filled with intricate light setups, highly detailed figures, environmental storytelling and a consistent theme throughout the entire exhibit. The display features a pathway that tells a spooky story along the route, with a setup perfect for all ages.

“We wanted a consistent theme all throughout. Anyone can just put random stuff around, but we wanted to put some thought into it,” said Jerrod Delagrave, owner of the property.

38 Atkins St., Meriden

Another memorable display can be found on Atkins Street in Meriden, with many skeletons, pumpkin men and impressive multicolored effects that give the place a very creepy vibe.

“We usually have it on every night from around 6 to 10. You can stop by!” says Paul Ryerson, property owner and creator of the Halloween display.

268 Old Stagecoach Road, Meriden

This display uses the entire front of the house as a screen for Halloween-themed videos. You can tune your car radio to 94.7 FM to listen to the music that accompanies the video display including “This is Halloween,” “Ghostbusters,” and, of course, “Thriller.” The yard in front of the house serves as a haunted graveyard.

Since it is in a residential neighborhood, they ask that everyone be respectful of the neighbors and do not block the road or driveways.

1262 Barnes Road,


Located just east of the Route 68/Interstate 91 intersection, this scary setup features a dense array of lights and figurines easily observed from the road.

30 Rockwell Ave., Plainville

Another one of the admins of J&E Hauntings hosts a display on Rockwell Avenue in Plainville that features many incredibly tall creatures with animatronic eyes that stare down at all those who dare to enter.

There is an elaborate setup utilizing dry ice and lasers, creating very unique custom visuals throughout. If you’re in the area, do not miss this one.

“I encourage anyone who likes this stuff to come and check it out,” said Danielle Afonso, owner of the property.

124 Pickney Ave., Plainville

Another one of the admin’s setups, this display is all blue with overgrown with cobwebs, spiders and other surprises.

“We’ll be having our big opening on Oct. 20, so feel free to come by then,” said Eddy Fritz, property owner.

Lights on Rosewood in Bristol


A massive display famous in the Bristol community for its awesome light setups for the holidays. This year, lights on Rosewood themed their Halloween display all blue to honor the life of Lt. Dustin DeMonte and Sgt. Alex Hamzy, while also featuring many Halloween-themed props as well.

62-69 Metacomet Road, Plainville

A multi-house extravaganza that takes up a whole corner of a neighborhood, packed to the brim with spooky figures and lights.

26 Cottage St., Bristol

Very elaborate setup with many props, lights and sound effects spanning the entire yard. Their entire setup is very dense, with many different details to frighten visitors.


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