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Two-vehicle collision in Southington leaves several injured

SOUTHINGTON — A  two-car motor vehicle accident at the intersection of West Street and Executive Boulevard left multiple people injured on Thursday morning.

First responders were alerted of the incident at 11:36 a.m. on Thursday and discovered a car collided with a handicapped van from a local group home, according to the Southington Fire Department.

The van was carrying five passengers, some of whom were injured during the accident, but added that no one appeared to have sustained life-threatening wounds, Lt. Keith Egan, police spokesperson, said. Egan said the crash was caused after the van was rear-ended at a traffic light.

According to Egan and the Southington Fire Department the six individuals occupying to handicapped van were transported to various nearby hospitals for injury evaluations. 

First responders have yet to determine the root cause of the accident, but an investigation is ongoing.


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